Step 5

How is the fabric decorated ?

Today, there are many textile printing processes: flat-bed, digital inkjet, rotary, etc

Flat-frame printing, however, is an exceptional skill used for luxury and upmarket goods. Also known as “the Lyon technique” since the industrial use of this method was perfected in Lyon in the 1850s, it makes it possible to obtain exceptional patterns and fabrics.

On the technical side, this silkscreen printing process requires long heated tables which can measure up to several tens of meters. The fabric, whose total width can measure up to 160 centimetres, is placed on the tables and flat-bed frames are then positioned in succession. Each frame corresponds to a single colour and the superimposition of these colours allows the creation of the final design, which can be printed in repetition.

Intersoie has asked Ecole SupdeMod Lyon to design a pattern to be printed during the event. The winning design was selected from among students’ submissions by a committee made up of representatives of the event organizers and the silk industry. All the designs will be displayed during the event.

The demonstration of this “Lyon” skill will be presented by the Hermès Textile Holding.

Creditt : Jean-Jacques Raynal | Silk in Lyon