Step 3

How does the yarn become fabric?

Fabric is created by weaving the yarns…

Using the silk yarn obtained by spinning, the longitudinal warp yarns are interwoven with the cross-ways weft yarns on the loom. The shuttle, a small part of the loom, is used to weave and thread the yarn back and forth. Hand looms are still used today to make exceptional traditional fabrics that cannot be reproduced on modern machines, but both looms and weavers have come a long way since the first Jacquard machine!

Today, technical operators are in charge of production and daily innovation makes it possible to obtain more and more varied fabrics.

Spotlight on the fundamentals of the textile industry: Discover and help in the process of silk yarn weaving with vocational training students from La Martinière-Diderot High School!

Credit(s): Intersoie – Jean-Jacques Raynal