Sophie Guyot

Silks, finery & textile items

This art and crafts workshop on the slopes of the Croix-Rousse specialises in needle pleating, dyeing, flat-frame printing and garment manufacture. Sophie imagines and manufactures collections of accessories and scarves geared around complementary lines.

SO PLICATURE is an original line of pleated silk inspired by shibori techniques. The designer came up with the term PLICATURE herself. It’s a portmanteau of PLICATURA (a Latin term designating a folding technique) and LIGATURE. It is a collection of unique, timeless, dainty pieces. The work is all carried out in the workshop, using white or ecru silk.

SO LUGDUNUM is a line of woven scarves based on original drawings, in small production runs.

SO BASIC is a collection of plain basics: scarves in silk twill and muslin.

Sophie Guyot is a member of the

Village des Créateurs de Lyon and Ateliers d’Art de France.

8 rue Saint-Polycarpe,
69001 Lyon