Crédit : Soieries Cheval

Soieries Cheval

Apparel fabrics, stoles, scarves etc.

Frank and Hugo Romestant are passionate about perpetuating the outstanding know-how handed down to them: flat-frame printing (“à la lyonnaise”) and hand painting (on silk muslin, velvet etc.).

Located a few miles from Lyon, the firm was founded in 1936. It has managed to preserve its traditional machinery intact and still uses the same, increasingly rare techniques, leading to the firm being awarded the  Living Heritage Firm label (EPV).

Soieries Cheval designs are used in Haute Couture by major designers working for Luxury and upmarket fashion brands, where the firm’s rich, original printed fabrics are much appreciated.

Soieries Cheval manufactures and also sells a large range of scarves and stoles (silk, cashmere/silk blends, velvet, flat frame printed and/or hand-painted) boasting unique personality: check them out at Silk in Lyon!


14 rue du Plâtre,
69360 St Symphorien d'Ozon