Crédit : Maison Sams

Maison Sams

Snoods, scarves, bracelets, jewellery etc.

Maison Sams is a newly established silk company in Lyon that aims to revolutionise the way we look at silk!

At Maison Sams, we bring a new breath of fresh air to this legacy while preserving a unique and traditional know-how.

At Maison Sams, producing everything in Lyon and controlling the process from start to finish means guaranteeing the consistency, quality and excellence of our products.

We therefore select the raw materials, the colours of the finishing touches and the look of each design.

We work with companies that are Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant certified in order to guarantee high standards of excellence.

We develop our own accessories and constantly strive to improve upon quality.

Discover our luxurious and elegant creations at Silk in Lyon.

819 Route du Mas Rillier,
69140 Rillieux-la-Pape