Les Fantaisies de Tante Sophie

Scarves, snoods, hair accessories, jewellery

Sophie Perrillat-Charlaz, creator of the brand Les Fantaisies de Tante Sophie, is passionate about couture and the world of silk, and takes particular care to highlight French textile know-how. The silks she selects come from weavers based in the AURA region who have the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine du Vivant) label. “Mousselines of unequalled lightness, luminous satins, daring and rare cut-throws… these fabrics created for Haute-Couture are real sources of inspiration. “They transport me and boost my creativity.”
Excelling in the art of working with silk chiffon, her floral-inspired collections include Her floral-inspired collections include French hand-rolled scarves/spreads, squares, snoods, hair accessories and jewellery, including the famous chiffon and natural flower creoles.
A wide range of original silk accessories, finery and unique pieces made with meticulous care to enhance the daily life of elegant women of all ages, but also for men and the home.

Member of the Village des Créateurs

Labelled “Made in Lyon” by the City of Lyon