Crédit : Emotis


Scarves, cushions and blankets

EMOTIS: Wellness and comforting textiles for your body and mind

Its designer Géraldine Matthey has devised and developed an innovative concept of wellness textiles integrating Bach flower therapy. Fashion and home decoration accessories enhance your outfits and interior design, while boosting your wellness in everyday life. Bach flowers are microencapsulated and then applied to the textile while submerged. The textile, thus impregnated, releases the soothing benefits of Bach flowers into the skin of the user.

Whether shawls, scarves, cushions or blankets, the natural, enveloping, comforting and chic fabrics are made of natural fibres to restore your emotional balance and enhance the well-being of your body and mind.

Emotis uses a composition of organic Bach anti-stress flowers made in France. The anti-stress elixir based on organic Bach flowers, made from Agrimony, Oak, Impatiens, White Chestnut, Pine, Crab Apple and Vervain, allows you to quickly restore calmness and serenity. With your silk scarf around your neck, you will feel free from any source of stress!

Emotis is part of the Village des Créateurs in Lyon.

6, impasse de la Cure,
42160 Andrézieux-Bouhtéon

Géraldine Matthey