Crédit : Armalyne Bianchini Ferier

Bianchini Ferier

Apparel fabrics

Bianchini Ferier dates back over a century, when three ingenious men, Atuyer, Bianchini and Férier, joined forces on 23 July 1888 to found their silk manufacturing house in Lyon.

In 1912, Bianchini signed a contract with Raoul Dufy. As the creator of stunning designs, he produced over 4,000 textile designs for Bianchini-Férier through to 1928. This monumental body of work was to wield a profound influence on applied arts in the 20th century. The vast archive is a treasured heritage underpinning the firm’s know-how.

Bianchini Ferier works with major firms in the world of luxury and Haute Couture, such as Balenciaga, Cardin, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Lanvin, Nina Ricci, Patou, Scherrer and YSL.

The firm will be exhibiting its latest new silk fabrics and accessories at Silk in Lyon festival.

33 rue Romarin,
69001 Lyon