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Lyon Textile and Decorative Arts Museum

Located in the UNESCO World Heritage district of Lyon, the Textile and Decorative Arts Museum (MTMAD) currently houses the most impressive collection of textiles anywhere in the world.

With 2.5 million works spanning 4,500 years of history and representing a panorama of all civilisations, eras, styles and techniques, the Fabrics Museum provides an astounding insight into our textile heritage. As custodian of the output of Lyon’s manufacturers, it boasts major pieces dating back to King François I and its textile collections are an inexhaustible source of inspiration, research and expertise.

Threatened with closure for a while, it is now working towards a magnificent renaissance further to a crowd-funding campaign in early 2018 which garnered over €165,000 from donors mindful of preserving their heritage.

At Silk in Lyon, the Textiles Museum will be selling various textile accessories and running tours of the Palais de la Bourse as well as the silk treasure hunt, for kids only. It will also be holding the conference “Le jardin des convoitises. Sources d’une fascination mutuelle entre la Chine et Lyon.” (The Garden of Longings. Sources of mutual fascination between China and Lyon) with Claire Berthommier and Cécile Demoncept.

Temporary exhibitions:

LE GÉNIE DE LA FABRIQUE (MANUFACTURING GENIUS) pays tribute to the city of Lyon and those who, in the course of three centuries, raised fabric weaving to an art form, charting the course of history for the city and its future. The exhibition displays several never-exhibited pieces, examples of illustrious fabrics woven to furnish royal and imperial palaces and for haute couture.

Until 31.12.18


After years of turbulence, the museum now offers a stroll through the teeming world of textiles and costumes. Covering ancient times through to the Second French Empire, the Renaissance through to our modern era, it is an opportunity to appreciate and admire unseen treasures.

Until 31.12.18

34 rue de la Charité,
69002 Lyon

Salon Ampère (1st floor)