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Lyon Textile and Decorative Arts Museum

At Silk in Lyon, the Textiles Museum will be selling various textile accessories and running tours of the Palais de la Bourse as well as the silk treasure hunt, for kids only. You can also attend the conference, “A Technology Transfer in the Meiji Era: Tomioka’s Spinning Mill”, hosted by Esclarmonde Monteil.

Temporary exhibitions:

A man during the Renaissance: Olivier de Serres

The exhibition pays tribute to Olivier de Serres. Presented as the father of French agronomy in his book “The Theatre of Agriculture and the Tending of the Fields” published in 1600, he also contributed to the dissemination of mulberry cultivation and the breeding of silkworms. Although his work has enjoyed a glorious posterity with more than twenty editions to date, his long life remains little known.

From 9 November 2019, the Lyon Textile and Decorative Arts Museum will be celebrating one of the greatest designers of the 20th century: Yves Saint Laurent. The Yves Saint Laurent exhibition has been organised in collaboration with the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris.

The “Behind the Scenes of Haute Couture in Lyon” exhibition highlights the close ties maintained by the fashion designer with the Lyon silk manufacturers and suppliers of the region’s fabrics and materials.

34 rue de la Charité,
69002 Lyon

Salon Ampère (1st floor)