L'Oeil de Loup

Silk yarns for knitting and crochet, weaving and embroidery.

Demonstrations of spinning silk on a spinning wheel and spindle.

Nathalie Desgrugillers creates high-quality silk yarns for weaving, artistic knitting and embroidery.

She spins hand-dyed silks (schappe silk) to produce collections by theme or colour, giving each strand of silk its own unique story.

She also works closely with Odile Chevallier (Atelier du Val d’Aix), an artist specialised in weaving. As part of this collaboration, the skeins are woven to create scarves and stoles made of pure silk. From this precise solely manual work, such as spinning, dyeing and weaving, unique and non-replicable pieces are created.

Le Bourg
15170 Peyrusse

Nathalie Desgrugillers