Crédit : Isabelle Winckler

Isabelle Winckler

Floral jewellery, silk flowers

Demonstrations of flower-making

Isabelle Winckler is self-taught, having practised, explored and experimented with various textile art forms before coming upon her favourite medium: silk.

Today, her creative flair gives the fullest expression to her inspirations: nature, the painstaking work of dressmakers and the magic of Haute Couture.

In 2014, the designer discovered the wondrous craft of “Floral Jewellery”. More than a mere hobby, it was a revelation, and she spent nearly two years perfecting her technique before setting up her own business.

Floral jewellery and decoration: starting with natural silk, Isabelle Winckler creates floral finery for private events, the fashion industry and performance art, works on bespoke items and composes her collections. In her quest for elegance, her creative output draws solely on her imagination, with each flower that blossoms triggering the emotions.